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was healed as the Lord
came near
to the city. Allegedly, these differ-
ences surrounding Jesus’ miracle
in the city of Jericho prove the
fallacy of Bible writers.
Is there any logical reason as to
why Matthew and Mark indicate
that the blind men were healed as
Jesus was
Jericho, while
Luke mentions that a blind man
was healed as the Lord
came near
to the city? Actually, there are
various realistic possibilities as
to why the accounts are worded
differently. Let’s consider one.
Many do not realize that at the
time of Christ there actually were
two Jerichos. First, there was the
Jericho of Old Testament history
(Joshua 6:1ff.; 1 Kings 16:34). In
the first century, however, that
city existed as a small village lying
mostly in ruins. About two miles
south of that site was the new
Jericho built by Herod the Great.
The Lord, therefore, traveling
toward Jerusalem, would first pass
through the
Old Testament Jer-
, and then, some two miles
to the southwest, go through
Herodian Jericho
. Ac-
cordingly, the references
of Matthew and Mark to
Jesus leaving Jericho would allude
to old Jericho, whereas Luke’s ob-
servation of Jesus drawing near to
Jericho would refer to the newer
city. Hence, the miracles under
consideration may have been per-
the two Jerichos
(Robertson, 1930, 1:163).
When a person studies passages
such as these that critics allege
are contradictory, one important
fact should be remembered: If
there is
reasonable way of
harmonizing these records, no
legitimate contradiction can be
charged to the accounts. Unless
one can show that the same thing
is under consideration at the same
time in the same sense, then it
cannot be considered a legitimate
contradiction. A mere difference
does not make a contradiction! As
in the case of the Jericho healings,
no contradiction has ever been
sustained against the Bible, and
that is one of the proofs that it is
from God.
Robertson, A.T. (1930),
Word Pictures
in the New Testament
TN: Broadman).
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