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example, John Hancock, whose signature is so conspicuous
and prominent on the
Declaration of Independence
, in his
inaugural address as governor of Massachusetts, expressed
to his fellow citizens:
A due observation of the Lord’s Day is not only
important to internal religion, but greatly conducive
to the order and benefit of civil society. It speaks to
the senses of mankind, and, by a solemn cessation
from their common affairs, reminds them of a Deity
and their accountableness to the great Lord of all.
Whatever may be necessary to the support of such an
institution, in consistence with a reasonable personal
liberty, deserves the attention of civil government (as
quoted in Brown, 1898, p. 269).
Among the many corrosives now eating away at
American civilization is the widespread citizen neglect
of Sunday Christian worship. This failure to publicly
acknowledge the God of the Bible and the priority of
the Christian religion is one more indication of the
coming demise of the nation.
“Now on the first day of the week, when the
disciples came together to break bread...”
(Acts 20:7).
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