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have made for centuries in support
of the existence of God—the Tele-
ological Argument. There is clear
design in the Universe, and design
demands a designer: God.
Ultimately, since there is no ev-
idence for the existence of aliens,
there can hardly be any evidence
for their establishing life on Earth.
Such an idea is not in harmony
with the evolutionists’ own beliefs
about the importance of direct
“observation and experiment”
in science. Such a theory does
nothing but admit that creationists
have been right all along: (1) the
Law of Biogenesis—in nature, life
comes only from other life—can-
not be denied; and (2) a Creator/
Designer is needed in the equa-
tion—in their case, aliens.
However, notice: even if aliens
existed, since aliens are beings of
nature, they too must be governed
by the laws of nature. Dawkins
went on to say, “But that higher in-
telligence would, itself, had to have
come about by some ultimately
explicable process. It couldn’t have
just jumped into existence sponta-
neously” (Stein and Miller, 2008).
So, the alien creators, according to
Dawkins, have been strapped with
the laws of nature as well. Thus,
the problem of abiogenesis is
merely shifted to the aliens’ planet,
where the question of the origin of
life must still be answered.
Bottom line: You need evidence
for a theory to be true, and there
is no evidence for aliens. A Being
not governed by nature and its
Law of Biogenesis is needed in the
natural Being.
The Bible contains supernatural
characteristics, providing evidence
for the existence of a supernatural
Being, and that Book tells us Who
created life: Jehovah.
[NOTE: See
tent.aspx?category=9&article=4620 for
more on directed panspermia.]
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