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from somewhere, and the natural-
istic evolutionist refuses to consid-
er the God option. So, where is he
left? Outer space?
How unbelievable is it that many
evolutionists have begun to literal-
ly leave the planet in search of an
explanation for the origin of life?
They realize that the truth of the
Law of Biogenesis simply cannot
be dodged—in nature,
life comes
only from life
, and similar life at
that (Miller, 2012). So they’ve pro-
posed that
Star Trek
is true. Maybe
there are aliens out there, and they
came and started life on Earth and
have guided evolution ever since.
This idea is known as “directed
In the movie
Expelled: No In-
telligence Allowed
, famous British
evolutionary biologist Richard
Dawkins of Oxford University,
said concerning the possibility of
intelligent design:
It could be that at some earlier
time, somewhere in the Universe,
a civilization evolved by, prob-
ably, some kind of Darwinian
means, to a very, very high level
of technology, and designed a
form of life that they seeded onto,
perhaps, this planet. Now that is a
possibility, and an intriguing pos-
sibility. And I suppose it’s possible
that you might find evidence for
that, if you look at the details of
our chemistry, molecular biology,
you might find a signature of
some kind of designer. And that
designer could well be a higher
intelligence from elsewhere in the
Universe (Stein and Miller, 2008).
So, according to Dawkins, there
could be a designer, and we could
find evidence of that designer
in the “details of our chemistry.”
Does that sound familiar? If you’re
a Christian, it might. That is one of
the fundamental arguments theists
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