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JeffMiller, Ph.D.

tives of the single dog


, for

example—not representatives of

each dog


(coyotes, wolves,

domestic dogs, jackals, etc.).

Also, we must keep in mind

that not even


of the kinds of

life were on the Ark. Only those

plants that were needed to feed

the passengers on the Ark were

brought—not representatives of all

of the plant kinds. The swimming

creatures were not onboard, of

course, nor many insects, inver-

tebrates, fungi, bacteria, or proto-

zoa—all of which are included in

the 11 million species that are said

It is important to under-

stand that not every “species” of

animal was on the Ark. Today’s

idea of a “species” did not exist

when Moses wrote the book of

Genesis. Instead, he used the

word “kinds” when telling Noah

what to bring on the Ark (Gen-

esis 6:20)—the same word that

was used to describe what God

made during the Creation week

(1:11,21,24). The word “kind”

would be closer to our word “fam-

ily” or “genus” when classifying

animal groups. So Noah would

have probably had representa-


Was Noah’s Ark big enough to fit all 11

million animal species on it?