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explosion to assemble a working computer.

It would literally take a miracle to get a huge

explosion like the Big Bang to bring about the

order we see in our Universe.

Third, people who do not believe in God

think that life came from non-living chem-

icals millions of years ago. When we study

nature, however, we see that such an idea is

not possible according to the natural laws

at work. In the natural world, life comes

only from life of its own kind. Once again, it

would take a miracle for life to evolve.

As you can see, even though atheists

claim that nature is all there is, they rely

on “supernatural” explanations all

the time. Miracles



but not the ones atheists need to

defend their ideas. The facts that God

exists, and that He has performed

miracles, explain the Universe in a

much better way than atheism.


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