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Sharpening Your

Prepare to Give an Answer

Although we live in the information age, and though Bibles

and Bible study aids are more readily available to more peo-

ple, tragically, Americans are increasingly ignorant of the

Word of God. According to 2013 & 2014 studies conducted

by the Barna Research Group, 46% of Americans (and 61% of

American millennials) are “non-Bible readers.” Nearly 60% of

Americans cannot correctly identify the first five books of

the Bible, while 50% of millennials indicated that Sodom and

Gomorrah were (or might have been) married.

Sadly, Americans’ general knowledge and understanding of

the Bible—the most important Book on Earth—could aptly

be described as the age of ignorance. The simple fact is, Amer-

icans are increasingly unaware of the contents of the Bible

and unprepared to rightly divide it.

This is where you come in to play. You have a great

opportunity to prepare yourself now to know and

accurately handle God’s Word so that you can

help the less knowledgeable learn and understand

it. Will you be ready when

called upon?


Valor & Virtue