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and second, the Bible does not

say how old the animals were that

were on the Ark. Were you as big

as you are now when you were

a young child? It is very likely

that the animals on the Ark were

quite young. Why? Besides the

fact that they would take up less

space, need less food, and make

less waste, it is also important to

remember that the animals on the

Ark would have to leave the Ark

and have enough time to spread

out over the Earth and repro-

duce after the Flood. If they were

already adult animals, they would

not have as much time to

disperse and repopulate

the Earth before they died.

The bottom line is that there

is no reason to disbelieve what

the Bible says when it tells us the

story of Noah and the Ark. Since

God knew what He wanted on the

Ark, He knew exactly how large it

needed to be to house that many

animals. The dimensions He gave

to Noah made sure there was

enough space for everything with a

ticket to board.