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Eric Lyons


theists are fond of

claiming that their way

of thinking is logical,

reasonable, and intellectual. They

maintain that they are open-mind-

ed and refer to themselves as free

thinkers. Unlike Christians, who

are allegedly delusional, irrational,

blind, and absurd, atheists consider

themselves utterly rational, sensible

people who follow the evidence

wherever it leads.

Yet atheism says that everything

came from nothing. Atheism says

that an explosion caused exquisite

order. It says that random chances

produced precision and that life

popped into existence in nature

from non-life. Atheism says that the

design of the human eye is a delu-

sion, while the design of a camera

is apparent. Atheism says that fish

and frogs are man’s distant fore-

fathers and that intelligence is the

result of non-intelligence. Atheism

alleges that either man is on the

same moral plane as a moose, or he

actually evolved a sense of morality

from amoral monkeys. Atheism

spends multiplied millions of dollars

and countless thousands of hours in

search of extra-terrestrial life, which

has never been found.

When atheism is stripped of

pompous proclamations and

arrogant allegations, its naked soul

is seen for what it really is: weak, il-

logical, unscientific, and worthless.

Atheists blindly believe that, for

example, life came from non-life.

Rather than accept what scientific

experimentation has repeatedly

concluded over the past 200 years

(that in nature life comes only

from life and that of its own kind),

atheists remain committed to a

disproven theory. Man has never

witnessed mindlessness bring forth

intelligence. He’s never seen some-

thing come from nothing.

The Foolishness of