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All of Israel gathered to see

which God would send fire. The

prophets of Baal cried out to Baal.

They danced around. They cut

themselves with knives and lances.

Since Baal was just an idol, and not

really a god, nothing happened for

hours and hours. Then, during the

time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah

prayed to the God of Israel. The

prophet did not have to wait long.

God sent a blast of fire from heaven

that burned up Elijah’s sacrifice,

burned up the stones, and burned

up the dirt around the altar. When

all the people who were watching

the contest saw the fire burn up

Elijah’s sacrifice, they fell on their

faces and said, “The Lord, He is

God. The Lord, He is God”

(1 Kings 18:39).

You see, Elijah knew that the

prophets of Baal had a “strong

feeling in their heart” that Baal was

a true God, but they did not have

any evidence for their belief. They

did not have the kind of faith that

the Bible talks about. When Elijah

presented them with real evidence,

they could form a true faith, based

on the fact that God sent fire down

from heaven.

God has always provided plenty

of evidence to prove His truth.

The Creation shows His power.

The fulfilled prophecies, miracles,

and resurrection of Christ prove

that Jesus is God’s Son. The Bible’s

correct predictive prophecy and

perfect factual accuracy prove it

is God’s Word. The truth about

Christianity has never been based

simply on strong feelings and

emotions. Unlike every other reli-

gion in the world, Christianity has

always been founded on facts and

evidence that can be used to show

that it is the one true religion of the

one true God.