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of water—and the identity of the

One who used it to heal the blind

man—he answered them: “Why,

this is a marvelous thing, that you

do not know where He is from; yet

He has opened my eyes! Since the

world began it has been unheard

of that anyone opened the eyes of

one who was born blind. If this

Man were not from God, He could

do nothing” (John 9:30,32-33).

The crowning masterpiece of

Jesus’ use of water for spiritual

purposes is seen in His conversa-

tion with Nicodemus. To enter into

the kingdom of God, Jesus said one

must be “born of water and the

Spirit” (John 3:5). He meant that a

person must be immersed in water

in accordance with the Spirit’s

instructions given in the Gospel.

As Paul explained, to contact

Christ’s death and blood, a

person must be “buried

with Him through


(Romans 6:4). No wonder Peter

announced to those who suddenly

realized that Gentiles had the right

to become Christians: “Can anyone

forbid water, that these should not

be baptized…?” (Acts 10:47). And

no wonder Peter declared that

baptism “now saves us” (1 Peter

3:21). He meant that Christ’s death,

burial, and resurrection do not save

a person until he or she is baptized.

Praise God for His amazing use of



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