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calmed down after the Flood, the ice

that had formed over an estimated

30% of the Earth would have slowly

melted, retreating towards the poles

and leaving huge, icy lakes along

the way. Many creationists believe

at least three such lakes were left on

the Colorado Plateau, and evidence

supports that belief. As would be

predicted from the nature of these

lakes, the natural “dams” that held

the water probably broke one-by-

one as the ice melted, like domi-

noes, rapidly carving the Canyon.

Is there evidence that water

could rapidly carve through rock?

In 1926, the Burlingame Canyon

near Walla Walla, Washington was

carved in less than six days when

engineers tried to steer abnormally

high amounts of water from a canal

into Pine Creek. The Lake Missoula

Flood is a well-documented flood

from the Ice Age. Water breached

an ice dam, and 500 cubic miles of

water were released within two days,

cutting hundreds of feet through

solid rock, creating canyons, and

carving 50 cubic miles of Earth. In

June 1983, heavy snow fall caused

engineers to divert water from

Glen Canyon into dam spillways

that caused chunks of three-foot-

thick, steel-reinforced concrete to

be torn out of the tunnel. Tens of

thousands of cubic feet of concrete

were needed to fill the holes. If

there’s enough of it and it’s moving

fast enough, water has no problem

cutting through rock.

Contrary to what many geolo-

gists believe, the Grand Canyon

can be explained well by young

Earth creationists—even better

than evolutionary theories. There

is no reason to ever doubt what the

Bible teaches about the history of

the Earth. True science and Scrip-

ture will always agree.

Top: Glen Canyon

Right: Glen Canyon Dam

Above: Glen Canyon

spillway damage