V2 Fall 2017-Web

Son of Man ascend where He was before?” (6:61). What was Jesus’ point? If the people were offended with Jesus’ message that He was the bread that came down from heaven, just think how they would react if they saw Jesus ascend back into heaven, which was what He planned to do in the near future (Luke 24:50-53). Not only did He refuse to quit preaching or change His message, He added something to the message that the audience would have had more problems accepting! Obviously, Jesus did not feel the need to stop preaching or change His message because His audience was offended. It is certainly true that Christians should let their speech “be with grace, seasoned with salt” (Colos- sians 4:6). It is also true that Christians should avoid unnecessary offense (Matthew 17:27; 1 Corinthians 8). The Gospel, however, is exclusive and offensive to many people. Those with dishonest, sinful hearts will always be offended at the simplicity and straightfor- wardness of Christ’s Truth. As Christians, we should follow the example of our Lord. We must never be bullied into silence or intimi- dated into changing our message simply because a person or group is offended at the truth. 7 Valor & Virtue