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“I’M OFFENDED!” “YOU MUST NOT DO THAT, BECAUSE IT OFFENDS ME!” You will often hear statements such as these on television, the radio, or any number of media outlets. Those who use these types of sentiments throw them down like a gauntlet, daring you to con- tinue. It is as if the fact that they are offended should cause you to stop whatever it is you are saying or doing that offends them. Some- how, “I’m offended,” has become the verbal alarm that signals some sort of mistake or misstep on the part of the speaker. The fact is, however, just because a person is offended is not necessarily a rea- son to stop saying or doing some- thing. Jesus often Kyle Butt offended people, but that did not stop Him from preaching and teaching the truth. When a person takes offense at something, it often says much more about the heart of the one who is offended than it does about the person who suppos- edly “caused” the offense. On one occasion, after Jesus taught about how the Pharisees had abused God’s Word, His apos- tles came to himand said, “Do You know that the Pharisees were of- fended when they heard this say- ing?” (Matthew 15:11). It is almost as if the apostles thought like many people today. They seemed to be indi- cating that because Jesus had offended the Pharisees, then He should stop teaching those ideas or change OFFEND YOU?” “DOES THIS Continued on p. 6 5 Valor & Virtue