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tory? No. They simply wrote about two different, specific moments during the same general event. If we fail to see the valid reasons for differences in life, we will find ourselves dazed and confused. I was perplexed for years over the exact location of an office build- ing, because I had not taken the time to consider the exact direc- tion from which I approached the building. Similarly, skeptics and others will never come to a proper understanding of the Bible until they recognize that differing viewpoints play a major role. Oftentimes when two or more Bible writers differ in their descrip- tion of a certain event, skeptics claim they have contradicted each other. In reality, however, the skeptics have merely overlooked the fact that the inspired penmen wrote from different viewpoints. For example, many have asked the question, “How did Judas die? Did he hang himself as Matthew wrote (27:5)? Or, as Luke stated (Acts 1:18), did he fall headlong and ‘burst open in the middle’ and all his entrails gush out?” The answer: Judas hanged himself, and later his body fell (from wherever it was hanging), and burst open. Are Matthew and Luke’s accounts dif- ferent? Yes. Are they contradic- 19 Valor & Virtue