V2 Fall 2017-Web

Point of TWICE A YEAR FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS I HAVE VISITED THE OFFICES OF A TAX advisor in Montgomery, Alabama. Since I rarely went to his place of business (or even the area in which his business is located), I had a difficult time remembering exactly what side of the road it was on. When I expected to see it on my right, it would strangely appear on my left. Then, just as sure as I thought it might be on my left, I would find it on my right. Maybe I was just confused. Perhaps my memory was failing me. For whatever reason, I never took the time to figure out why I had the distinct impression that sometimes this building was on the right, and sometimes on the left. When- ever the time came for me to see my tax advisor, I simply headed in the View Continued on p. 18 Eric Lyons 17 Valor & Virtue