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Continued on p. 16 did not perform miracles in the past to amuse people. The Bible teaches that miracles happened in Bible times for a very specific purpose: to confirm the Word . Before the New Testament was written, when the apostles and prophets were preach- ing the Gospel, Mark 16:20 indi- cates that God worked with them by “confirming the word through the accompanying of signs.” The message that the first-century apos- tles and prophets preached could be shown to be true by the various miracles that God worked through them (read Hebrews 2:3-4). When a God-inspired speaker stepped forward to declare God’s Word, God confirmed His Word by having the speaker perform a miracle to show that he was from God. The miracle showed the hearers that God was behind the speaker’s remarks. Recall how Moses’ messages to Pharaoh were accompanied by various miracles (Exodus 5-12). Miracles authen- ticated the spoken word as God’s Word. Miracles verified the teach- ing of God’s messengers in contrast with the many false teachers (read John 3:2). However, the apostle Paul stated that miracles would cease and be done away when the “perfect” (or 15 Valor & Virtue