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Today, the reason we do not see one-armed people miraculously given new arms, or blind people given sight supernaturally, or dead people given new physical life, is not because God cannot do these things. Rather, it is because God has chosen to cease working miracles during this time period. Just as God has every right to work a miracle, He has every right to suspend the working of miracles for whatever amount of time He chooses. Why would God choose not to work miracles for a certain period of time, even for hundreds or thou- sands of years? To answer this ques- tion, we first need to understand the purpose of miracles. Unlike magi- cians, who perform amusing tricks for entertainment purposes, God If God Exists, Why Isn’t He Working Miracles Today? THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO GOD MIRACU- LOUSLY CREATED THE Universe and everything in it, including Earth and all life on Earth. In the days of Elijah, as well as in the time of Peter and Paul, God occasionally raised the dead. (Remem- ber Dorcas and Eutychus?) When Jesus was on Earth, He miraculously gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. He healed Malchus’ severed ear with the touch of His hand, and changed water to wine (juice) simply by willing it to happen. The Bible makes clear that God has worked all manner of miracles in the past, and has the potential to work them at any moment. But, simply because God can performmiracles at any time, does not mean that He choos- es to work such supernatural acts. Eric Lyons & Dave Miller, Ph.D. 14 apologeticspress.org