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As a whole, the Bible may be

boiled down to two bottom-line






“Grace” refers to the incredible

things that


has done to make

it possible for human beings to be

forgiven of sin and permitted to

live eternally with Him. God so

loved the world that He gave His

only Son to save humanity from

sin. is is the most important

thing in the entire world. God’s

plan for saving man is the central

theme of the Bible.

e second key point of the Bible

is the need for human obedience—

our correct response to God. Most

of the information in the Bible

details how human beings have

responded to the instructions of

God. Sadly, the Bible reports to us

that most people have chosen not to

obey God’s will.

As you study through the Bible

you will notice that God’s commu-

nication to the human race has been

carefully orchestrated. Ultimately,

everything in the Bible is designed

to teach people about the one true

God of the Universe (and His

gracious activity) and the obedience

God rightly expects from mankind.


“When my friends ask me, ‘Can you boil

the Bible down in only a few words?’ what

should I tell them?”


Dave Miller, Ph.D.