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ideism” is the idea
that faith has noth-
ing to do with reason
and evidence, but rather, is blind
belief in God/the Bible. Many
denominations teach fideism, and
many skeptics and atheists rightly
mock such a mindset and reject
Christianity because of it. The
Bible, however, teaches that our
faith should be based on evidence
(e.g., 1 Thessalonians 5:21; Romans
1:20; Acts 14:17), in the same way
faith or trust in parents or friends
is based on evidence. Experience
has proven them to be or not be
In keeping with the Bible, we want
you to have the evidence for your
faith at your fingertips. To that end,
be sure to make use of the following:
• Teen books and DVDs (e.g.,
Out With Doubt
of Fact
Fi eism
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