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dark, the decisions that he or she
makes are not the inevitable results
of that genetic factor. Behavior is
determined by non-genetic fac-
tors—including past experienc-
es, parental and peer influence,
education, and culture. A Hispanic
is not more or less likely to
in a certain way simply because
of his or her genetic makeup. One
whose gene pool is Hispanic is not
more or less likely to prefer, say,
a tamale, than one whose genetic
makeup is Caucasian. Such persons
will possess preferences that have
arisen from sources and circum-
stances other than their genetic
In stark contrast, however, sexual
appetites/preferences have
to do with genetic makeup.
They are the result of environment,
experience, culture, and other
factors that can mold and
shape individuals in their personal
decision-making processes. The
sexual inclinations and tendencies
that a homosexual insists that he
inherently “feels” are no different
from the feelings and inclinations
that a pedophile possesses in his
sexual attraction to children, or that
a murderer feels with regard to his
violent tendencies. The “feelings”
for all three are quite obviously real;
but it is a mistake to assign those
feelings to any underlying genetic
cause. And it is biblically and mor-
ally unacceptable for the individ-
ual to
on such feelings. Here
is the essential difference between
. An
African American cannot alter his
skin color. But anyone can alter his
behavior: including homosexuals.
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