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saying: ‘I am the Lord your God,
who brought you out of the land
of Egypt, out of the house of
bondage. You shall have no other
gods before me’” (Exodus 20:1-3,
emp. added). Moses claimed such
inspiration literally hundreds of
times. Was he a liar, or did he tell
the truth? In the New Testament,
Peter wrote that “prophecy never
came by the will of man, but
men of God spoke as they were
moved by the Holy Spirit
” (2
Peter 1:21, emp. added). Did Peter
tell the truth, or was he lying?
This same question can be asked
of all the writers of the Bible who
claimed inspiration. To say that
the Bible is simply a “great book”
written by “good men” makes liars
of the biblical writers who repeat-
edly claimed that God was the ul-
timate Source of their documents
(cf. 2 Samuel 23:2; Acts 1:16).
The Bible is either a product of
God or a product of liars. There
are no other options. If these
men were liars, then
they “insanely” pronounced their
own destruction, for they claimed
that lying was wrong and that all
impenitent liars would burn in
hell (cf. Exodus 20:16; Colossians
3:9; Revelation 21:8). If these men
were liars, it leaves as inexplicable
the mystery of why modern man,
with all his accumulated learning,
has not been able to produce a
comparable book to make the Bi-
ble obsolete. Finally, if these men
were compulsive liars who filled
an alleged historical work with
thousands of lies, pray tell, why do
so many unbelievers still call it a
“great book”? Non-Christians who
profess an admiration for the Bible
should consider the foolishness of
their position.
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