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Eric Lyons, M.Min.
ome time ago, I read an
article by a college professor
who stated that “the best
thing that could happen to the New
Testament has happened to it....
Within the University, at least, the
Bible has become simply another
‘great book.’” Many in the world to-
day consider the Bible to be a “good
book” containing moral teachings
written by noble men, yet reject the
idea that the Bible was “given by in-
spiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16).
Many college professors today teach
that the Bible simply is a “good
book” that is no more inspired than
or Chaucer’s
terbury Tales
. It is the mere result of
natural genius characteristic of men
of unusual ability.
Common sense, however, com-
pels the honest person to reject
such illogical notions. If the Bible is
a “great book,” but not inspired of
God, it makes either liars or lunatics
of the biblical writers, who claimed
the Holy Spirit as the ultimate
source of their writings. The honest
person surely will admit that the
Bible—a Book that has been studied
and examined more than any other
book in human history—definitely
is not a product of insane men. Its
unity, fulfilled prophecy, historical
accuracy, and scientific foreknowl-
edge testify to an intelligent Source.
Thus, the Bible was
written either
by the honest
or the dishonest.
Logically, no other
choices exist.
Moses either lied or was
truthful when he recorded:
God spoke all these words
If It’s Just a
, Then It’s
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