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be able to translate our discovery,
together with a lot of other dis-
coveries, into the materials of the
future” (as quoted in Groshong,
To summarize the situation,
then, nature maintains engineered
properties that are so advanced
that our current knowledge of
them must be supplemented by
many more finds and discoveries
in order for humans to use them
properly to construct synthetic,
useful structures. Nature, however,
currently employs these engineer-
ing marvels to construct things
like bones, shells, and spider silk.
How are we told that nature has
this phenomenal ability?
Somehow, we are supposed to
believe that nature “miraculously”
evolved these engineering marvels
over multiplied millions of years
by random processes. Interest-
ingly, this explanation remains
extremely difficult to maintain
when presented by scientists who
imply intelligence when describing
nature’s non-intelligent origin.
Groshong explains that “lessons
are emerging” from nature. One
wonders what intelligent teacher is
responsible for teaching these les-
sons. In truth, the rational, logical
explanation of such natural mar-
vels is that they were designed by
an Engineer with capabilities and
knowledge far superior to those
possessed by humans. The God
who created and designed the nat-
ural world is using nature to teach
humans that they can
observe the material
Universe and know
for a fact that He ex-
ists (Romans 1:20).
Groshong, Kimm
(2007), “Unbreak-
New Scientist
194[2607]:43-45, June 15.
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