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sometimes errors, or mutations,

will happen. Words or paragraphs

might accidentally occur twice

(duplication), or words or para-

graphs might be removed (dele-

tion). Sometimes the words might

be all garbled and not make sense,

or they may have been moved to

a different place in the file. These

kinds of mutations, and others,

sometimes happen with DNA as

well, but notice something import-

ant about those mutations. They

do not produce new raw material

or information. A new paragraph

has not been “written” by the

copy error. Mutations only change

something that already exists. They

don’t create something new. Evo-

lution requires that not only new

paragraphs be written by a mu-

tation, but that entire new books

and sequels accidentally write

themselves into existence through

errors. Does it seem likely to you

that such a thing could happen?

Or does it seem more reasonable

that the only way a new paragraph

or book will be written is through

someone writing it?

Still, some say, “But isn’t an error

like the duplication of material

added material?” Yes! But notice

notice that a a a

duplication ation

does not not ot ot add

new material to the file,

and new material—not

more of the same—is

needed for evolution.

Duplications, if

anything, are

errors that



and cause

chaos. They

don’t help it.

But what about

cases where two crea-

tures come together to repro-

duce, and they add their genetic

information together when they

create an offspring? Isn’t that an in-

crease in information and material?

This is not an example of mutation,

but is another theory that some

have come up with for how evolu-

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