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Won't Create


he comic book series

X-Men is based on the

idea that evolution will

eventually cause humans to mutate

into new, more advanced super-hu-

mans. While that might sound

kind of cool, the idea is just as

much fiction as the comic books

that explore the idea. In order for

evolution to be true, there has to

be a process in nature for species to

change into other, new creatures.

Evolutionists used to believe that

Darwin’s natural selection

could make new kinds

of creatures come

into existence. They now admit that

it cannot, but they haven’t given up

hope. Now many believe that mu-

tations, which are DNA errors, can

randomly and accidentally create

new kinds of creatures, and natu-

ral selection will just filter out the

creatures that aren’t as good. This

theory is called Neo-Darwinism.

The problem with this idea,

which many evolutionists have

already begun to see, is that

mutations do not create new raw

material or information. But new

raw material is necessary

for evolution to happen.

Think about it like this:

have you ever made a

copy of a file on a com-

puter? If you have made

many digital copies,

you might have

noticed that

JeffMiller, Ph.D.