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Dave Miller, Ph.D.


ave you ever asked your-

self this question: If God

exists and He wanted to

speak to us in writing, what would

that writing be like? You would

expect that you could tell God’s

writing apart from man’s writings.

Even if God used men to write His

Word to us, those men would be

guided and protected from making

mistakes. And you would expect

their writings to stand out from

writings that are not from God.

You would expect that God’s Book

would have traits that prove it to be

divine—from Him.

What characteristics do you

suppose a Book from God would

possess? First, you would expect

it to


to be God’s Word. The

Bible makes that claim. You would

expect it to contain a

high pur-


. The Bible presents the high-

est purpose humans could have:

eternal salvation.

You would expect a divine Book

to be


meeting all

spiritual needs. The Bible does that,

since it provides “all things that

pertain to life and godliness”

(2 Peter 1:3).

You would expect a Book from

God to be

absolutely accurate

, with

If the