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tion could happen. But notice that

in such cases, while information

might have been added to one crea-

ture, the total information between

the two has not increased. The total

information has only been pooled

together. Again, information was

not created. It had to already be in

existence to be put together. Evo-

lution requires



And all scientific evidence indi-

cates that information is not the

product of random accidents, but

is created intentionally by minds.

This means that Creation, not evo-

lution, fits the evidence.

A mutation will not create a new

kind of creature. It might cause

a fly to have an extra wing, a fish

to have an extra fin, or a human to

have an extra toe, but if a creature

does not already have wings or gills

in its genes, it will not be able to

grow them. If you don’t have tank

treads in your genes, you will not

ever be able to roll over to your

friend’s house to carry out a tank

assault. It doesn’t matter how long

you live or how long you mutate.

A human is still a human. An ape

is still an ape. Just as the Bible says,

God created animals from the

beginning “according to their kind”

(Genesis 1). They did not evolve

into existence.