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ou may find this surpris-

ing, but there are many

people in the world today

who actually think that Jesus is

nothing more than a fantasy figure

that various secret societies cre-

ated 2,000 years ago. Allegedly,

His name belongs in the same

fictional writings that contain such

fairy-tale characters as Peter Pan,

Hercules, and Snow White and the

seven dwarfs. Gerald Massey, in his


Gnostic and Historic Chris-


, has “informed” us that

“[w]hether considered as the

God made human, or as man

made divine, this character

[Jesus—EL] never existed

as a person” (1985, p. 22).

Skeptics like Massey,

Acharya (1999),

and others

believe that Christians have been

deceived into thinking that there

really was a man named Jesus,

when, in fact, He never lived.

How do those of us who believe

in the historicity of Jesus Christ

respond to such allegations? Can

we really


that there was a

sinless, miracle-working, death-de-

fying man named Jesus who lived

upon the Earth approximately

2,000 years ago, or have we accept-

ed His existence blindly?

Even though the New Testament

proves beyond the shadow of a

doubt that Jesus actually lived, it

is by no means the only historical

evidence available. Around the

year A.D. 94, a Jewish historian by

the name of Josephus mentioned

Jesus’ name twice in his book,

Antiquities of the Jews

. In section 18

of that work, Josephus wrote:

“And there arose about this



, a wise man, if in-

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