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be expected from the Flood, not

uniformitarianism, such as evolu-

tion predicts. Amazingly, even more

seismites will likely be discovered

in the future, considering that we

only studied about 20% of the Lance


Many evolutionists believe a

meteor struck the Earth over 60

million years ago and caused the

dinosaurs to go extinct (an event

represented by the K-T boundary).

They would point to a seismite as

proof of the earthquake from that

impact, and might point to the

Chicxulub crater off the coast of

Mexico as proof of the meteor. That

prediction, however, does not fit

the facts. Where is the evidence of


massive meteors hitting

Earth, causing multiple extinction

events, and creating each of the

seismite layers? No such craters

exist. In truth, by claiming that a

meteor caused such a worldwide

effect, evolutionists have admitted

what creationists have long believed:

that uniformitarianism alone can-

not explain the evidence. A global

catastrophe seriously affected the

Earth in the past. While meteors

certainly could have played a role,

a global Flood no doubt played a

larger role, and it helps explain the

evidence in Wyoming. How?

If the “fountains of the great deep”

were “broken up” in the Flood in

the violent way described

in Genesis 6-9, the


were likely


apart and

began to move

around rapidly.

From that hy-

pothesis, we would

predict that some of the continents

would have slammed into each

other, rapidly forming mountain

ranges (like the Rocky Mountains

in the western U.S.) and causing

enormous earthquakes that would

have rocked entire continents—al-

most certainly forming

seismite layers with

each blow. That is

exactly what we

find in the Lance

formation in the

western United

States close to the Rocky Mountains.

Our predictions about the Flood

are supported by the evidence. As

always, the Bible is true.


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