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which fossils are found. Creation-

ists predict that the Flood was the

primary cause of the Earth’s fossils,

which fits that fact. But beyond that

powerful evidence, finding seven

separate, enormous seismites in the

Lance formation gives further sup-

port for that prediction, since large

seismites have to form under large

amounts of water.

Seismites are special layers that

form when an earthquake vibrates a

layer of sediment (like sand) that is

covered with water—kind of like the

soggy sand that is under water at the

beach. When an earthquake hap-

pens, it shakes the soggy sand, and

the water within it tries to escape

from the sand, like magma from a

volcano. If the sand were to turn to

stone after the earthquake, when

examining the inner part of the

rock, you would find hill-like lines,

representative of the water which

tried to escape the sand, called

fluid avulsion structures.

Such structures are usually

only a few centimeters thick

today, even after the most

devastating of earthquakes.

The seismites we found in

Wyoming, however, were

several meters thick

, rather

than a few centimeters thick.

This means that (1) the

whole area was once

covered with a lot of

water (enough to make

several meters of soggy

sand); and (2) sever-

al major earthquakes

happened—at least seven

earthquakes so huge that

no human has ever experienced

them (except Noah and his family,

who were probably still in the Ark

floating on the water). This is proof

of catastrophism, like what would