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ne important part of a

scientific theory is the

ability to make a predic-

tion. A person should be able to

fill in the blank in the following

sentence: If my theory is true, then

we should be able to find evidence

of _____________, which supports

that theory. For example: if the

small child took and ate the cookie,

I should find cookie crumbs that

support that theory. If gravity is

true, then when I drop an apple, it

will fall to the ground. Predictions

are made, and scientific evidence

is gathered that supports those

theories or discredits them.

Many non-creationist scientists

accuse creationists of believing in

theories (namely, Creation and the

Flood) that cannot make testable

predictions, and are therefore not

scientific or useful. That allegation

simply is not true. Creationists

believe the Bible is right, since it can

be proven to be the Word of God,

and use it to make many testable

predictions about the Universe. For

example, based on Scrip-

ture, creationists predict

(1) that the

fossil record

will reveal fully formed and func-

tional species when they first appear

in the fossil record; (2) evidence of

design in the Universe rather than

randomness (implying a Designer);

(3) evidence of a relatively young

Earth, since the Bible tells us that it

is only thousands of years old; (4)

evidence that geologic strata and

fossils can form rapidly; (5) evi-

dence that humans and dinosaurs

co-existed in the not-too-distant

past; and many other predictions.

These predictions have been sub-

stantiated with mounds of evidence,

as we have shown over the years.

Recently, I traveled to Wyoming

to study the Lance formation with a

Creation paleontologist. The Lance

is the geologic layer just under the

famous K-T boundary, thought to

have been formed in the closing

stages of the Flood. We gathered

stunning evidence that supports

Flood predictions. Creationists

predict that since the Earth was

once completely covered with water

during the Flood, there should be

proof in the Flood geologic layers.

Sedimentary rocks, known to form

generally underwater,

cover the


, and are the only rock type in

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