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hen most of us think about our future careers, we oftentimes think

in terms of what we’d enjoy doing, what we’re good at, or what

would give us the things we want in life. How often do we consider

what God would have us to do with our lives? Where does He need me? For

example, in what professions do we desperately need Christian influences, but

rarely have Christians prepared to fill those positions in this day and age? Here

are a few to consider:

• Law

: judges and prosecutors

• Politics

: local, state, and federal representatives, mayors, governors, and


• Education

: college professors and high school science teachers

• Science

: paleontologists, geologists, archaeologists, biologists, cosmolo-

gists, and meteorologists

• Philosophy

: philosophy professors

• Medicine

: doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists

• Media

: news anchors and writers

• History

: non-revisionist historians and teachers

• Language

: linguists fluent in Arabic, Chinese, and Korean, as well as

biblical languages—especially Greek and Hebrew

• Fine Arts

: movie producers, directors, writers, and novel writers

• Bible

: preachers, teachers, elders, deacons, Christian wives and

mothers, authors, and lecturers.

Next time you think about your future, consider how

you could be of service in the Lord’s army.

Developing a

Battle Plan