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Dave Miller, Ph.D.



hat type of proof is avail-

able to show the Bible is

inspired of God?



here are any number of

proofs which document that

the Bible is inspired of God. But

the Book’s uncanny brevity is one

obvious proof of its divine origin.

Throughout history, humans have

been quite verbose in articulating

their ideas and thoughts—from

multi-volume encyclopedias,

history books, and biographies, to

the pronouncements of religious

authorities via their councils,

disciplines, and sundry theologies.

In stark contrast to this human

inclination, the books of the Bible

are incredibly brief. Consider, for

example, that Matthew, Mark,

Luke, and John were given the

weighty responsibility of report-

ing to the world for all ages the

momentous events surrounding

the life of Christ while He was on

Earth. John even admitted that

there were so many activities that

occurred during Jesus’ life that, “if

they should be written every one, I

suppose that even the world itself

could not contain the books that

should be written” (John 21:25).

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