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Discovery Magazine 10/1/2006

The Origin of Our Solar System

One major wing of the National Museum of Natural History contains huge meteorites and fascinating information about our Solar System. As with many other exhibits, however, this section is filled with false information about how the Sun, Moon, and Earth originated.

According to the information in the museum, a huge explosion known as the Big Bang occurred billions of years ago that caused cosmic space dust to fly into the Universe. This dust supposedly began to collect and form stars, like the Sun, and planets, like the Earth. The information posted says that about 4.6 billion years ago, the Sun and planets surrounding it were formed by gas and dust that collapsed in on itself.

The idea that the Big Bang brought the Universe into existence is incorrect. Scientists have never seen any type of material that could explode and form the huge Universe in which we live. Furthermore, our Solar System is perfectly designed for life to exist on planet Earth. The Sun is the perfect distance from the Earth to allow plants to live. The Moon is the perfect distance from the Earth to control the oceans’ tides. The tilt of the Earth is exactly right to sustain the proper seasons, and the Earth’s rotation is perfect as well. No big explosion could produce a Solar System with orderly laws and perfect design like the one that now exists. In fact, from everything we know about explosions, they only produce chaos and disorder, never design and order.

Our Universe and Solar System did not accidentally form from billion-year-old space dust. God designed it perfectly in six literal, 24-hour days only a few thousand years ago. There is no real scientific evidence that proves that the Sun and Earth are billions of years old.

While it is fun to learn new things and visit neat places like the National Museum of Natural History, we must remember that not everything taught at such places is accurate. We must be prepared to guard our minds against false information that does not agree with the Bible and true scientific discovery.

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