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Discovery Magazine 9/1/2003

Whale Evolution

by  Alden Bass

The idea that whales evolved has been in the headlines of magazines and newspapers quite often in the last few years. Fossil discoveries in Pakistan, and problems with the famous line of horse evolution, have caused scientists to look for new “proof” of evolution. Supposedly, this new proof can be seen in a gradual change of land animals into whales. Evolutionists believe that a small animal that looked like a wolf or fox began eating fish in-stead of other animals. After spending more and more time in shallow water catching fish, this fox-like creature became amphibious—he spent part of his life in water and part on land. Millions of years later, the animal’s front legs developed into flippers, the back legs disappeared completely, and the tail developed into a giant fluke.

To “prove” this scenario, evolutionists point to several fossil skeletons, such as one known as Pakicetus. In the pages of National Geographic, full-color pictures of these “transition” animals can be found, along with fully reconstructed skeletons based on the fossils. What those writers do not tell is that most of those pictures are based on only a few bones, not complete skeletons, and that the arguments are based on the shape of a few teeth. The article in National Geographicis the work of an artist with a good imagination, not a true scientist working with the facts

God made whales with many specialized features that could not have evolved by chance. It would be impossible for a land animal
to gradually adjust to the many changes necessary to become a water-living animal. The body must be able to withstand freez-ing cold water and incredible water pressure—pressure that would quickly kill a human andmost animals. A whale’s nose hole is on the top of its head so that it can surface and breathe quickly. The backbones of whales are stiff and fused in some places, to support the huge muscles needed to propel the giants through the waters. Perhaps the most difficult thing of all to explain by evolution, is that all baby mammals born on land suck milk from their mother’s breast, but the mother whale (called a cow) has to pump the milk into its baby’s mouth so that it does not suck in water and die.

Once again, evolution fails to explain the origin and special features of one of God’s creatures. It is clear from the evidence that the Creator specially designed whales to live in their watery home. They are perfectly fitted for it, and they remind us that God has a place for everyone and everything.

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