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Discovery Magazine 2/1/2002

Earth's Extraordinary Evidence!

by  Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

Have you ever had someone tell you something, and then later you found out that what you had been told wasn’t true? It’s sad, but sometimes people tell us things that simply aren’t right. Perhaps this is why the Bible commands us to “test all things; hold fast what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). That’s good advice, especially when people tell us things that clearly contradict God’s Word.

Many of us have been taught that the geologic column “proves” that evolution is true and that the Earth is old. As you get older, various people may tell you this is true, but it’s not. Actually, the geologic column provides extraordinary evidence which shows that evolution is not true and that the Earth is not ancient. Consider the following.

(1) Embedded in rocks all over the globe are “polystrate” fossils. Polystrate means “many layers,” and refers to fossils that cut through at least two layers of the geologic column. For example, geologists have discovered tree trunks buried vertically in two, three, four or more sections of rock—rock that evolutionists suggest was deposited over millions of years. In Nova Scotia, there are many erect fossil trees scattered throughout layers extending upward more than 2,500 feet. However, organic material (like wood) that is exposed to the elements will rot, not fossilize. Scientists have had to admit that the entire trees must have been preserved quickly.

(2) Geologists also have discovered polystrate animal fossils. Probably the most famous is the fossilized skeleton of a whale discovered in 1976 near Lompoc, California. The whale is covered in “diatomaceous [die-uh-toe-ma-shus] earth.” Diatoms are microscopic algae. As diatoms die, their skeletons form deposits—a process that evolutionists say is extremely slow. But the whale (which is more than 75 feet long) is standing almost on its tail at an angle and is completely covered by the diatomaceous earth. There simply is no way a whale could have stood upright for millions of years while diatoms covered it, because it would have decayed or been eaten by scavengers. It is clear from this extraordinary evidence that the long ages attached to the geologic column simply are not correct.

(3) In 1968, a man in Utah named William Meister discovered a footprint of a human wearing a sandal. Inside the sandal was a trilobite (a marine organism). Evolutionists teach that trilobites became extinct 500 million years before man appeared. But the Earth’s extraordinary evidence from the geologic column shows us that evolutionists are wrong. [The Bible also teaches us that such an idea is wrong, since God created all things in six days (Exodus 20:11).]

There are many other examples from the geologic column which show that evolution isn’t true and the Earth isn’t old. Remember: “Test all things; hold fast what is good.” When people tell you something that disagrees with God’s Word, don’t believe it. “Test it” against the actual evidence, and then you’ll know the real truth of the matter.

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