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Discovery Magazine 1/1/1998

The Prophecy of Tyre


An old aerial photograph of Soûr in Lebanon. The ancient city of Tyre used to be on this site. Thanks to Alexander's siege, the island now is connected to the mainland by a sand pit.


Tyre was a rich city. Goods from all over the world were bought and sold in its busy port. As long as its people could make money, they were happy. They did not worship God.

But Tyre was a small city surrounded by large, powerful kingdoms. Attacking armies would leave the city alone, as long as the rich businessmen of Tyre paid them lots of money. Sometimes these peace deals hurt the surrounding countries, which included God’s people (read Psalm 83).

God did not allow Tyre to get away with sin. Through His prophet, Ezekiel, God told everyone what would happen to Tyre. Here are just seven things that God said in chapter 26. Did they all come true? Let us see.

1. Nebuchadnezzar would destroy the city (verses 7-8). Yes! The mighty Babylonian king destroyed the mainland part of the city, forcing everyone to live on the island part of the city.

2. Other nations would help destroy the city (verse 3). Yes! Persia, Greece, Rome, and others all had their turn against Tyre.

3. The city would be flattened (verses 4 and 14). Yes! Alexander the Great took the mainland part of the city to pieces, stone by stone.

4. It was to become a place for the spreading of nets (verses 5 and 14). Yes! That was all the people could do after the city was destroyed.

5. Its stones and timbers were to be laid in the sea (verse 12). Yes! Alexander used the stones and timbers of the old city to build a road out to the island, and then he conquered that part, too.

6. Other cities would be afraid when Tyre fell (verses 15-18). Yes! Other strong cities in the area soon gave in to Alexander when they heard about Tyre.

7. The city would not be inhabited or rebuilt (verses 20-21). Yes! After Alexander was finished, the rich and powerful people of Tyre never came back. Today, there is a small town there, but it is called Soûr.

This was no "lucky guess" on Ezekiel’s part. When we see prophecies like this come true, we can know that the Bible is from God, not man.

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