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Discovery Magazine 1/1/1990

Digging Up the Past

by  Brad Bromling, D.Min.

 A Puzzling Footprint

In 1968 a rock collector named William Meister was poking around in Delta, Utah when he found something he did not expect. He found a footprint that was made by a man wearing some kind of sandal. That was not very surprising. What was a surprise was that Mr. Meister found squished trilobites in the toe and heel of the sandal print. A trilobite is a creature that looks like a horseshoe crab. Scientists who believe in evolution say that trilobites died out 500 million years before man came along. If this is true, how did a man step on a trilobite? The Bible has the answer! Genesis teaches that man and all creatures (including trilobites) were made in the same week a few thousand years ago. For people who do not believe the Bible, this footprint is very puzzling. They cannot explain it. But, if we believe the Bible, we understand that trilobites and humans lived at the same time. The puzzle is solved.

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