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Apologetics Press Articles: Flood

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All That Water! All Those Animals! Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 8/4/2010
Alleged Discrepancies and the Flood Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/1/2008
Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Review: Tying Up Really Loose Ends Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2014
Could the Ark Stay Afloat? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2016
Creation and the Flood: Evidence from the Fossils Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2017
Did Noah Take Flying Reptiles on the Ark? Digger Doug 10/1/2007
Did Noah Take Seeds on the Ark to Refill the Earth? Digger Doug 9/1/2010
Dinosaur Fossils and The Flood AP Staff 8/4/2010
Dinosaur Graveyards and the Flood Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/23/2014
Directions: How to Carve the Grand Canyon Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2015
Flood Evidence from Wyoming Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/4/2014
Flood Legends Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Global Flood Predictions Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/4/2014
God's Two Promises Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/4/2010
Grand Canyon: God's Big, Wet Cake Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2015
Have archaeologists found any remains of Noah’s ark? Digger Doug 11/1/2000
How Did Dinosaurs Get on the Ark? Weren't They Dangerous? Digger Doug 4/1/2008
How Did Plants Survive the Flood? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2016
How Did Some Animals Get to Australia After the Flood? Digger Doug 6/1/2016
How was the Grand Canyon Formed? Digger Doug 8/4/2010
In Defense of...the Genesis Flood [Part I] Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 8/1/1998
In Defense of...the Genesis Flood [Part II] Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 9/1/1998
Legends of the Flood Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Not Your Average Boat Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 8/4/2010
Obeying God in a Wicked World Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/4/2010
Our Trip Out West Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Pangea and the Flood Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2006
Panning for Traces of the Flood Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
The First Skyscraper AP Staff 9/1/2009
The Flood: High-Water Hyperbole or a Clear-Cut Cataclysm? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/21/2011
The Grand Canyon: A Big Cheeseburger Made Really Fast Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2014
The Marks of the Flood Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/1/2007
The World Underwater Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/4/2010
Was Indominus Rex a Real Dinosaur? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 2/1/2016
Was the Ark Big Enough for Its Passengers? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2016
Was There Really an Ice Age? Digger Doug 1/1/2006
Water Here, Water There, Water Everywhere Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/15/2010
Water in the Earth’s Mantle Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/21/2008
What day, month, and year did Noah get on the ark? Digger Doug 3/1/2000
What Do Creation Geologists Do? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/4/2014
What Happened to all that Water? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/1/2007
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
What Killed the Dinosaurs? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 2/1/2016
Where Did All of the Flood Waters Go? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2002
Which Came First, the Pyramids or the Flood? Alden Bass 11/1/2003
Why Was There a Difference Between Clean, and Unclean Animals Loaded on Noah's Ark? Digger Doug 8/4/2010