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Creation Vs. Evolution

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New Dinosaur, Same False Assumptions

by  Kyle Butt, M.Div.

The rich fossil site at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico has produced yet another interesting dinosaur. The latest extinct lizard has been given the name Daemonosaurus chauliodus, meaning buck-toothed demon lizard. That is quite a name for this dog-sized critter with a “short snout and slanting front teeth” (Schmid, 2011). Supposedly, this dinosaur lived 200 million years ago, and its anatomy shows that the creature “helps fill the evolutionary gap between the dinosaurs that lived in what is now Argentina and Brazil about 230 million years ago and later theropods like the famous Tyrannosaurus rex” (Schmid). Some of the alleged evidence that this fossil “fills a gap” is the fact that it has “cavities on some of the neck vertebrae related to the structure of the respiratory system” (Schmid).

As with the vast majority of reporting and information about dinosaurs that comes from the evolutionary camp, this new dinosaur find has been laden with erroneous evolutionary ideas. What we know about the creature is its approximate size and shape of its head and neck based on the fossils we have found. What we do not know (in fact, can actually know is wrong) is that the creature lived millions of years ago. Not only did the fossil not have a date of millions of years stamped on it when it was found, but the dating methods used to derive millions of years have been shown to be flawed (DeYoung, 2005). Furthermore, we certainly cannot know that it was “related” to any other dinosaurs in an evolutionary sense, because (1) evolution is impossible and violates the known laws of biology (Houts, 2007), and (2) the alleged “evidence” that it is related to other dinosaurs is that it has similar structures; in fact, this type of argument from homology has been repeatedly proven false (Parker, 2011).

How refreshing would it be to hear the facts about dinosaur finds for a change, instead of all the false assumptions and errors connected to legitimate scientific discoveries. As a thinking populace, we must critically cut through this type of propagandistic reporting of “science” and insist that we want “just the facts.” When we boil down such findings about dinosaurs to what we know to be true, that truth always coincides with the truth found in God’s Word (Lyons and Butt).


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