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Creation Vs. Evolution

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Evolution Is Self-Contradictory

by  Jeff Miller, Ph.D.

Naturalism is the belief that the existence of the Universe can be explained solely through some sort of natural evolutionary process, rather than a supernatural origin. Naturalism, and by implication atheism, necessarily contradict themselves. One cannot be a naturalist and not contradict himself. How so?

  • If one is a naturalist, he must believe that the Universe is an effect with no cause. The evidence from nature, however, is that all material effects must have a cause.
  • If one is a naturalist, he must believe that the rules/laws that govern the physical Universe “wrote” themselves. The evidence from nature, however, is that laws do not create themselves.
  • If one is a naturalist, he must believe that matter and energy could either create themselves or exist forever. The evidence from nature, however, is that matter and energy could not create itself (First Law of Thermodynamics), nor could it exist forever (Second Law of Thermodynamics).
  • If one is a naturalist, he must believe that at some point(s) in the past, non-living matter gave rise to living matter: life came from non-life. The evidence from nature, however, is that life only comes from life.
  • If one is a naturalist, he must believe that one kind of creature can morph into or give birth to a totally different kind of creature over time: macroevolution occurred. The evidence from nature, however, is that life produces according to its kind, not according to another kind.

A naturalist contradicts himself because he must believe in phenomena which do not occur in nature. Causeless effects, laws without law makers, the spontaneous generation of matter/energy and life, and evolution across phylogenic boundaries do not occur in nature. If one chooses to believe that such things could happen in nature, he is no longer a naturalist. He believes in unnatural—supernatural—phenomena. The naturalist is, in actuality, a supernaturalist under the guise of a naturalist. We can, at least, agree with the naturalist on one thing, even if he would not wish to concede it: the origin of the Universe requires supernatural activity. “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). Choosing not to believe in Him is “without excuse” (Romans 1:20).

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