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Creation Vs. Evolution

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A Stomach That Can’t Digest Evolution

by  Kyle Butt, M.Div.

It cost the British government about 1.8 million dollars. British scientists call it the first artificial stomach ever made. Commercial food companies are looking to it for help. Dr. Marin Wickham holds the patent on this amazing contraption. This new machine is about the size of a five gallon bucket. It is designed to mimic human digestion. Its advanced plastics and metals can withstand the corrosive qualities of the acids and enzymes used in digestion. Once food is placed in the receiving funnel, computer software determines how long the food stays in one place. The model attempts to copy real muscle contractions in the stomach that help humans digest their food. The machine is a technological wonder1.

One very important point needs to be noted about this artificial stomach: it is complex, expensive, and took hundreds or thousands of hours to design and build. But it still cannot accomplish all the processes of a real human stomach. Yet we are to believe that the human stomach evolved over millions of years by random, chance processes with no intelligent agent responsible for any of its construction.

Notice how descriptions of the artificial stomach demand the presence of intelligence. The model has computer software that regulates when the food moves. Such computer programs can be designed and implemented only by intelligent beings. Wickham also noted that “our knowledge of what actually happens in the gut is still very rudimentary but we hope that this model can help fill in some of the blanks” (“Scientists Build....,” emp. added). This technologically savvy stomach was created in an attempt to learn more about what actually happens in the stomach, since our most advanced research has only rendered a “rudimentary” knowledge of gut activity. Dr. Stephen Bloom, “head of metabolic medicine at Imperial College in London,” was quoted as saying: “The stomach is an extraordinarily complex organ, so you cannot create a model that will undertake all of these functions” (“Scientists Build....,” emp. added).

In summary, then, brilliant men and women designed a modern marvel which cost almost two million dollars that attempts to mimic human digestion. But the real human stomach it attempts to model is so complex that no machine humans can build will ever fill in all the blanks of our rudimentary knowledge of the human stomach. The only logical conclusion is that the human stomach must have been designed by an intelligence far superior to that of the humans who possess only a rudimentary knowledge of the stomach. It is no wonder that the psalmist poetically said that humans have been fearfully and wonderfully made (see Psalm 139:14).

The designers of the artificial stomach stated: “It’s so realistic that it can even vomit.” It is high time the thinking world followed suit and “vomited out” the illogical notion of evolution.


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