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Still Learning

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

Occasionally, a science news story comes along that gives no particular credence to creationism or Darwinism. However, the report itself is newsworthy enough that we believe it will be of interest to many of our readers. Such is the case with a mysterious new creature discovered in Borneo’s rain forest. The new mammal was photographed twice by a camera trap at night walking along the dense forest floor. It has been over 100 years since a new carnivorous mammal was discovered on the island, so it makes this latest discovery extremely exciting. The red-furred creature is slightly larger than a cat and possesses a long tail. In discussing the discovery, Reuters wire service noted:

Environmental researchers are preparing to capture what they call a new, mysterious species of carnivore on Borneo, the first such discovery on the wildlife-rich Indonesian island in more than a century. The Swiss-based environmental group WWF [World Wildlife Fund—BH] said on Monday that its researchers photographed the strange animal, which looks like a cross between a cat and a fox, in the dense, central mountainous rainforests of Borneo (see “Unknown Borneo...,” 2005).

The photos were actually taken in 2003, but WWF researchers wanted to continue researching the creature before making the creature known to the public. In a press statement, WWF biologist Stephan Wulffraat remarked: “We showed the photos of the animal to locals who know the wildlife of the area, but nobody had ever seen this creature before” (as quoted in Gilman, 2005). Exactly what the creature is remains a mystery. We are reminded that we still have a great deal to learn about the planet on which we live. Individuals often ask if the possibility exists for creatures to be living on this planet that we have yet to discover. The photos from Borneo are proof that this is, indeed, the case. To see pictures of this new mammal visit:


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