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America's Culture War

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Illegal Immigration: A Study of Hispanic Ministries in the United States and the Responsibility of Christians to Government

by  Moisés Pinedo

Illegal immigration, especially in the United States, is a “caustic” subject. Many have raised their voices to enthusiastically condemn illegal immigration, while others defend it just as enthusiastically. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been shed on this battleground, since those on both sides are ready to use any available philosophical, psychological, and sometimes physical weapon to defend their viewpoints. The battle is further complicated by politicians, with their divided loyalties and policies. Even religion has been drawn into the fray, to the point that supporters of both sides of the issue seek to justify their positions based on their beliefs. The Lord’s church has also been affected. What should the church do? What is the biblical approach to the problem of illegal immigration?



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