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Alleged Discrepancies: Bible Interpretation

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Adam and Eve, Good and Evil Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/1/2009
Biblical Consistency and the Believer’s Treatment of False Teachers Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/23/2015
Different Names, Same Person Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/27/2004
Jephthah's Daughter, the Levites, and Symbolic Sacrifices Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2018
Luke’s “Orderly Account” Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/24/2005
Perspectives Matter Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/20/2011
Philemon and Slavery Dave Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2005
Questions and Answers: Why is the Book of Esther in the Bible? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2003
The Bible and Slavery Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2005