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Alleged Discrepancies

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“The World’s Most Difficult Bible Quiz”

by  Eric Lyons, M.Min.

Bible Trivia has long been a favorite game of many Bible students. Questions regarding people, places, events, etc., vary widely in degree of difficulty in this game. At one moment, a player might be asked for the name of God’s Son, whereas later he may be asked for the correct spelling and meaning of the name of King Saul’s crippled grandson (Mephibosheth). Some time ago, I came across a skeptic’s Web site that welcomed its visitors to “The World’s Most Difficult Bible Quiz.” The questions supposedly are so difficult that the author of the questionnaire (Andy Jewell) says that they really are impossible to answer correctly. Since each of the thirty-nine questions in his “quiz” is based on an alleged contradiction in Scripture, Andy Jewell purports that they are not just difficult to answer, but impossible to answer. Thus, he feels confident in calling his quiz “the world’s most difficult,” and obviously intends to present the strongest possible case against the Bible’s trustworthiness.

Although at first glance some might be intimidated by these questions, a more thorough evaluation reveals that “The World’s Most Difficult Bible Quiz” would be better described as “The World’s Most Misleading Bible Quiz.” The following is a list of several questions Jewell asks in hopes of convincing visitors to his Web site that the Bible is unworthy of belief. Below each question is a link to an article on our Web site that correctly answers the alleged difficulty. As you will see, logical answers exist for each of these questions. Truly, Christians do not have to be intimidated by “The World’s Most Difficult Bible Quiz”—or any other test that skeptics might put forth in an effort to undermine the reliability of the Bible.

“Have any but Jesus ascended to heaven?”

“Are we sent to baptize?”

“When Solomon built The House of the Lord in Jerusalem, what was the size (in baths) of the molten sea?”

“Who sold Joseph (of the coat of many colors) into captivity?”

“How many blind men did they pass as they departed from Jericho?”

“What should the disciples take on their mission?”

“What did Judas do with the 30 pieces of silver?”

“Who came to Jesus’ tomb on the morning of the resurrection?”


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